Bethlehem (Music Video)

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Hard Hats and Lunchboxes

Take liberal portion of out of control consumerism, insatiable thirst for unlimited credit, cheap consumer goods, and dependency on foreign oil, add massive defense budget with a willingness to use a military at the drop of a hat, stir in more than a pinch of an apathetic, ill informed and uninvolved electorate, simmer in heated vitriol, and what do you get? America, today: fat, not as smart or exceptional as we think we are, but armed to the freakin teeth!

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Bethlehem (lyrics)

It’s red, white, and blue, size fourteen, and it’s comin’ for you.
Call it freedom, call it corporate welfare, it’s just what we do.
God told us, “Disregard the noise and the fuss that they’re makin’!”
They think it’s all theirs, but really, it’s ours for the takin’.
You’re part of the empire now, tell me, how does it feel?

A great generation saw the future and said, “Yes, we can!”
The next came along, saw the loopholes, took the money, and ran.
U.S. exceptionalism is the national meme.
But the facts, and the numbers make it obvious
It’s all just a dream.
I read about Bethlehem, they used to make steel.

The times, they are a-changin’, isn’t that what they say?
Will the “Hey you kids get off my lawn!” guys just go away?
There’s a time to leave behind childish things,
There’s a new deck to deal…
’cause the last I saw Bethlehem, they used to make steel.
I called up Bethlehem, they told me they used to make steel.
I walked around Youngstown and saw where they used to make steel.
I spoke to Bethlehem, they used to make steel.
It was something……

Additional quotes:

Tom Brokaw : “Michael Milken pleaded guilt today”

Gordon Gecko: “Greed, is Good.”

President Eisenhower: “America is today the most productive nation in the world” “We must guard against the acquisition of unwanted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”

President Carter: “This intolerable dependance on foreign oil threatens our economic independence, and the very security of our nation.”

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  1. Paul Goens wrote:

    The guy speaking to Bill Moyers in the lead-in? Andrew Bacevich, professor of international relations at Boston University, a retired career officer in the United States Army, Viet Nam veteran, father of a young officer killed in Iraq, and… a conservative! The guy who warned us of the influence of, and in so doing coined the phrase “Military/Industrial Complex”? That would be Eisenhower, a Republican. Mike Lofgren, author of “The Party is Over”, senior analyst for the House and Senate Budget Committees as a GOP (Republican) senior staffer, inspired many of the ideas in writing this piece. It’s about jobs. Hey, was that not the battle cry of um, Republicans, during this last election season?