About Paul Goens

Bio/Mission Statement

First: A shout out to the designer of this website: Erik Goens. A great gift for the old man!


  How It All Started: It was DIY before DIY was cool, (Do It Yourself). DIY is all the rage these days, but poor people have known about it for ages.Here’s how I started painting: First apartment, the walls were bare. We were poor. I bought a $7.95 set oils. Painted a picture. Turned out OK, did another. Then another.

Where It Led:   Read and experimented. While in college I did some sign painting to make ends meet. Later discovered water media.
I like a challenge, and watercolor is the most difficult medium. There is very little room for error, no over-painting. It’s a one shot deal. I look at the reference photo, take a blank sheet of paper and ask, “Can I pull this off?”

Influences/Style:   My favorite artist is Andrew Wyeth. I am also a big fan of Carl Rice Embry. Hence, the style of realism. Being a realist at heart, I do not know any other way to go about it. I admit to dabbling in abstract painting for a while. And then I went into the second grade.

Philosophy:    Pretty simple. Paint what you see. Make sure most people will be able to recognize it.

Education:    Nothing formal. No art degrees here. You can learn a lot from reading. Just put in the work. I will give a nod to Ms. Overpeck, my middle school art teacher. Pretty cool gal, and a great artist.

Awards:   Not really. A couple of blue ribbons in the amateur division from the Indiana State Fair. But, hey, it’s a state fair. And it’s Indiana.

In Closing:   I really do not paint for recognition or awards. I do not do shows or sell the work (the stuff is a dime-a-dozen, and nobody is going to pay what the hours are worth. Besides, my day job as a heavy equipment operator pays the bills well enough). I just do it, simply, to see if I can get away with it. That really is all there is to it. Then, I put it on the wall. Or, I give it to somebody. They seem to like it, or at least they say they do. To humor me.
Like I say, I do not sell the work. But, if you see something you like on this site, let me know, (click on the icon to see a larger version. Leave a comment, or “like” on FB, if you are into that sort of thing). I will be glad to send you a PDF copy. If you want to take it to a laser print shop and run off a Giclee’ print of it, slap it in a frame and stick it on your wall, I would be humbly honored.


How It All Started: Unlike the visual art, I came to making music later, in my mid thirties. I have always been a music fan. Who isn’t? But, it was a mystery. I like to know how things work – take them apart, put them back together. Got a cheap guitar, learned a few chords, played some favorite songs. Reading books again, I learned basic music theory. It’s just math. I can understand that.

Where It Led: I jammed with some friends. Did some open mic gigs, just to see if I could pull it off. Scary stuff, but I learned you can embarrass yourself in front of a group of people and it is not the end of the world. Builds character.
I always liked literature and poetry. Inevitably, I began writing, then recording what I had put together. Guitar and vocals only can get boring after a while, so I decided to add “pieces of flair”, experimenting with other instruments. Got more serious with the violin, took lessons for a bit to get the basics.

Influences, Style: Grew up listening to Neil Young. Content as commentary on the politics and culture of the times. Other influences: Son Volt (Jay Farrar), Jason Molina, Sun Kil Moon, Damien Jurado, Iron and Wine, Josh Ritter, Bob Dylan, and of course, The Dead. I am a fan of good writers of words, the musical structure being secondary.
There are two sides to the music: “Pablo Gomez” is acoustic, unplugged. Sometimes, it’s just gotta rock, though. That is when my band, “Astronaut Love Triangle”, gets together.

Technique/Process: I use the Logic Pro digital home recording studio on a MacBook laptop. Effects (reverb, distortion, etc) are mostly raw from amps or mic thru mixer board, track by track. I play each instrument. Mix-down is pretty much just volume and balance, with as little post production digital effects manipulation as possible. In summary: do the actual work, keep it real, keep it simple.

In Closing: This is just for fun. I have no illusions. I am just a hack middle aged mediocre musician, nothing special, on key about fifty percent of the time. This stuff would never sell. I am not waiting to be discovered. This is just another art form, another way to create something. Just to see if I can get away with it.
Like the artwork, not for sale. I have had a couple of folks say “You ought to send that in”, of which I am not really sure what is meant. If anybody actually likes one of these cuts, let me know, I would be glad to email it as an attachment. Again, humbly honored.

Thank you for visiting this site,
Paul Goens (aka Pablo Gomez)